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TRANSYL - Multi-purpose lubricant & releasing oil

Exceptional climbing and spreading abilities - allows application to

 inaccessible places. "Goes everywhere".

Penetrates and spreads into joints soldered by rust, deposits a lubricant,

allowing pieces to be disengaged. Does not contain silicone.

Excellent cleaning agent, dissolves oil, grease and gum - leaves a thin

protective film and prevents rapid oxidation of the surface.

Prevents build-up of shavings and lubricates the surface when machine tooling

plastics and metals, especially aluminium, its alloys and stainless steel.

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COMPENSYL - Hydraulic Fluid

Special mineral liquid for hydraulic circuits.

Exceptional viscosity properties - does not breakdown

under extremes of temperature

Harmless to metals, gaskets and seals.

Protects against corrosion

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ESP - Paint and varnish on high gloss surface

Forms film on surface for paints to adhere to - Oil or water based paint inc' varnishes.

Quick drying, Odourless. Ideal for confined areas.

Use on any non-porous surface (ceramics, glass, baked enamels, paint, varnish, melamine...).

Interior or exterior.

No need for dirty, dusty laborious sanding.

Allows painting of surfaces that cannot be abraded

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COSMOFER - Cold welding universal polyester cement

Twin pack filler - Seals and levels irregularities on numerous surfaces.

Excellent adhesion to most surfaces: metals, aluminium, wood, stone, polyester...

Easy to apply - Easy to sand - Will not clog the abrasive paper.

Excellent working properties once hardened - drilling, sawing, screwing, filing, cutting...

Can be coated with single or two pack paints.

Good heat resistance (120°C), chemical resistance and resistance to vibration.

Highly elastic - does not crack.

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CHOUKROUT - Glassfibre polyester cement

Twin pack glass fibre filler.

Plugs gaps on most surfaces.

Excellent adhesion to most surfaces: metals, aluminium, wood, stone, polyester...

Easy to apply - Easy to sand.

High resistance to water, petroleum, mineral oil, diluted acid and alkalis.

Coatable with all paint types (single or two pack).

Very good impact resistance.

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COSMOREP - Glassfibre resin polyester

Twin pack polyester repair system in combination with glass fibre.

Repairs holes. Can be used with moulds for the creation of objects.

Excellent adhesion to most surfaces: metals, aluminium, wood, stone, polyester...

Coatable with all paint types (single or two pack).

Good heat resistance(120°C), chemical resistance and resistance to vibration.

Highly elastic.

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OWATROL OIL - Colourless, penetrating and isolating rust inhibitor

Penetrates to sound metal below rust.

Drives out moisture and air.

Stabilises the rust and prevents its reforming.

Paint and wood stain additive.

Primer for all surfaces.

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OWATROL CIP - Rust inhibiting primer for single & two pack paints

Corrosive inhibiting primer that accepts all paint types: Polyurethane, Epoxy, Chlorinated.

Rubber, Car paints...

Ideal for difficult conditions (corrosive steams, tropical and marine climates...).

Use on new or rusted surfaces - interior/exterior.

Avoids sandblasting - minimal preparation required.

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NET-TROL - Wood cleaner & Colour restorer

Restores greyed, weathered wood to it's original colour.

Non-aggressive - harmless to plants, shrubs and surface being cleaned.

Cleans and rejuvenates, plastic, gel coat, stone, cement

Eliminates staining etc caused by mould, pollution, rust...

Removes rust stains from cement, wood.

Neutralises surface after stripping.

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POLYTROL - Colour restorer - Plastic, Paint, GRP, Metal

Removes that dull, tarnished and faded look from the surface.

Rejuvenates paint, stains, fibreglass, plastic...

Restores the shine and lustre to polished metals: bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel, chrome and anodized metals such as aluminium.

Protects against corrosion and blemishes.

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ATM007 - Mildew cleaner

Prevents and kills mildew, lichens, algae...

Use on walls, roofs, pavements, terraces...

Long lasting protection.


Recommended before painting.

Does not alter the colour of the surface.

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